1 to 1 work

Using bodywork as part of the process to guide you in your healing journey, my listening hands hear your body’s many cries for light and freedom. You focus on, and connect with, your heart and soul. You can then meet the suffering held in your body, and be guided by your body’s inner wisdom to release and relax the muscles and tissues, as you continue your inner journey to freedom.

Private sessions

60 minutes ~ £60.00
45 minutes ~ £45.00
30 minutes ~ £30.00

(All appointments are held in East Sussex)

For more details or an informal, no obligation chat, please call me on:
01323 832633 or 07932 164919,
or send me a message here.

Please note: HeartThread, Soul Recognition and other healing work are not intended to replace medical treatment, so if you are at all concerned about your physical health, please always seek the advice of a qualified medical doctor first.

The Journey of the Shaman painting by Jeanette Tuppen