About me

Jeanette Tuppen ~ Healer, Shaman and AuthorI have been a healer for over 30 years, qualifying in many alternative and complementary therapies including Reflexology, Craniosacral, Reiki, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Voice Dialogue, The Journey, and more recently I have become a qualified facilitator for HeartThread and Soul Recognition. I have also completed a four year Shamanic training course.

Much of this life I have spent on a healing trail, looking for happiness and wholeness, only to find there was still an emptiness. I always used to feel like there was still something else to find, and I still had not got it. When I started healing with physical therapies, I noticed on many occasions the therapy would chase the pain around the body, because as one area cleared so another took over the suffering. This got me thinking, so I looked at therapies that dealt with the mind, and although this felt like it got closer, it still did not fill the emptiness.

Then after my mother died, I had a complete breakdown. I really tried to hold it all together, but, thank God, I could not. After medication and psychotherapy, which did help, I started searching again. If it was not just in the body and not just in the mind, then maybe the emotions were the key. At last I was beginning to look in the right direction within me.

That was when I found the Journey (pioneered by Brandon Bays), and this process changed my life; from just barely coping to being more alive and aware of how and what I was feeling. I now look within for my answers, I trust in myself and trust that it is okay for me to feel the way I do (or don’t), and I don’t have to pretend anymore.

I have now completed training to be facilitate both Soul Recognition and HeartThread (programmes developed by Flo Aeveia Magdalena as part of Soul Support Systems in the USA) and these are the culmination of all that has gone before, working with the entire being – mind, body, emotions and soul, bringing all the therapies together to create a unique process for each individual session.

I love this work; it is my passion and what I was born to do. I find it so rewarding, working alongside those who have the courage to face and meet all of who they are, living from their heart and soul, finding their own wholeness and their own happiness, and realising that they are the love they have always been looking for.

To find out more about the work I do, please visit the One-to-one and Group work pages, or you can read extracts from my book in the Poetry page.

The Journey of the Shaman painting by Jeanette Tuppen