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Mirror Calls

Mirror Calls

You are the centre of your universe
And the universe, as you see it, 
Is just a projection,
So everything around you, 
Is only a reflection.
And we know all is energy, And any you disown
Will come right back at you
For we are always made whole
And this is the gift of every mirror call,Y
It is how the universe guides us, to be whole.

And I am your mirror call
And all the things you see in me,
Some you love and some you hate,
Are just a reflection, 
Different parts of you
Awaiting your embrace.
Because there is only oneness
There is no one else
And I am your mirror call
So you can see yourself.

And you are my mirror call,
And everything I see,
Good or bad, dark or light,
Is still a part me
And when our love, is unconditional 
We are free, to be all that we can be.
For there really is no other,
There is nothing else
And you are my mirror call,
Until I can see myself.

And the question now, 
Is not who but how,
Yes how much love, Are you willing to receive?
Because , To give love to another,
You first need, To receive, 
This love for yourself.
And when you love this, In yourself,
You share this love, With everyone else,
After all……… 
You are, a mirror call.