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There’s an unknown voice in violence,
That’s desperate to be heard,
To live in vile and evil ways,
It’s only way to serve.

There’s a lone lie in violence,
That’s far from being nice,
And because you believe it fully,
It grips you like a vice.

There’s live and love in violence,
It’s hard, I know that’s true,
If only you could hear this voice,
But it’s really up to you.

For no one can convince,
Against a beings will,
No matter how loud that voice,
You’ll be unconvinced still.

But once you hear that call,
Know it is your choice,
To see the lie, and lift the veil,
And find love’s own clear voice.


Who you are is always trustworthy,
How you are, is not,
Who you are, rests in truth,
How you are, does not.

How you are looks for worth,
And prone to worry,
Is often hurt and in a hurry,
Questions why? Then tells a story,
Has to try, but still not worthy.
Sees the worst in you,
And not the truth in you.

So now you have a choice of two,
Do you trust how?
Or do you trust who?
It’s not that who is more holy than how,
Because it’s not,
It is just that…

Who you are is always trustworthy,
And how you are is not!

And it’s fun to see, those of us,
Who only ever want to be a ‘who’
Because we think it is the right thing to do,
And never want to be a ‘how’,
Because that’s not living in the ‘now’,
And the joke is.
In that very moment,
We are not ‘who-ing’,
We are actually ‘how-ing’.